Serena 2014 Bradley Cooper Jennifer Lawrence

“Silver Linings Playbook” stars Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper reunite once again as lovers in “Serena!”

“Serena” is set in the Depression-era in North Carolina. George Pemberton (Bradley Cooper) and his wife Serena (Jennifer Lawrence) both fall into hard times as George’s timber company begins to fail and Serena discovers that she cannot bear children. Take a look at the trailer below.

The film looks to be a story we’ve seen many times before, a milestone-era love story that pushes a couples’ love to its limits through pain and turmoil. Although it seems to effectively capture the period based on the cinematic aspects of the trailer, I find it difficult to find interest in the film based on the trailer alone. Hopefully this is a character development driven film where the trailer doesn’t do it justice.

On a side note, it’s interesting to see Cooper and Lawrence reunite once again in such a short period of time between films. It almost seems like they are becoming America’s film sweethearts as Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan used to be. I wonder if this is due to a public preference for their onscreen chemistry following their previously shared films.