Big Game Samuel L Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson returns to action in this trailer for “Big Game.”

We’ve seen many actors play the President of the United States before but not like this. In this trailer for “Big Game,” Samuel L. Jackson plays a more badass version of the President. After his plane crashes, the President is stranded and once others learn of his situation, he is hunted in the wilderness with hopes of a big ransom payout. His only hope is a young survivalist who knows the wild and how to survive. Take a look at the trailer for “Big Game” below!

I will say that “Big Game” looks “horribly good.” By that I mean that it is a film that definitely looks bad from a cinematic standpoint but should be a fun ride. Samuel L. Jackson has done films like this in the past. The first film that comes to mind is “Snakes on a Plane” which was absolutely terrible but fun to watch. I probably wouldn’t see “Big Game” in theaters but I would sit through a viewing on Netflix and get a few moments of fun and maybe a few laughs as well. One thing we can expect for sure is for Samuel L. Jackson to bring his usual vulgar style of action which is always fun.

What do you think of the trailer for “Big Game?”