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Ryan Reynolds reveals his Deadpool mask in his latest tweet!

Ryan Reynolds is a headliner in the news today. For the fans, he revealed a subtle tweet that showed the mask for his upcoming Deadpool film and for the tabloid following he and wife Blake Lively revealed the name of their daughter to be “James.” But of course our focus is on his Deadpool tweet so take a look at the tweet below.

There isn’t much of a reveal here. If you read our post last year about the leaked Deadpool footage, you will see that this mask is very closely based on that footage. I was very pleased to see how close the mask was to the footage and the comic books and can’t wait to see more.

Okay Ryan Reynolds, now that we’ve seen a glimpse of the mask, it’s time to reveal the entire costume. When are we going to see it?!?

How do you feel about the costume?