SelfLess Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds joins Ben Kingsley in the sci-fi thriller “Self/less.”

Ryan Reynolds may be making headlines with his upcoming Deadpool film but his upcoming film “Self/less” (Selfless) may generate some buzz in the short term. Joined by veteran Ben Kingsley, “Self/less” explores the cost of eternal life outside of monetary standards. Being a wealthy, aging man, Kingsley buys his youth by having his brainwaves transferred into a supposedly “brain-dead” Ryan Reynolds. Of course things start out humorous and upbeat but then take a turn for the worse once he starts to realize the side effects of the procedure. Take a look at the trailer below.

There are a few films that come to mind when watching this trailer. One film in particular is Bradley Cooper‘s “Limitless” based on plot progression alone. The “Self/less” (Selfless) trailer highlights immediate rejuvenation and excess wealth followed by an abrupt turn of events once the side effects of the experiment are realized. From there we see things getting more action oriented and Ryan Reynolds suddenly starts pointing a gun.

While I don’t think this film will be anything revolutionary (and I could be wrong), I do think like “Limitless” (and other films that follow this formula), “Self/less” (Selfless) will be a fun ride. Am I excited to see it in theaters? Probably not. But I think I would consider it if it popped up on Redbox and definitely will watch it when it shows up on Netflix.

What do you think? Will this be a Fad or Flop?