Deadpool Movie -

Ever since “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” there has been speculation over when and if Ryan Reynolds would reprise his role as Wade Wilson aka Deadpool. There have been many barriers to entry when it came to getting the Deadpool movie made and some still wonder if it’s ever going to happen. While the future of the film is uncertain, we did find out that some test footage for the first inception of the film was leaked from San Diego Comic Con 2014. Take a look at the footage below.

The dialogue and characteristics of Deadpool are spot on with Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal. The costume is a bit loud in relation to other superhero films so it’s very distracting based on what we’ve grown accustomed to with other film adaptations.

The state of the film is still questionable in my opinion, despite what Lauren Schuler Donner may say. It’s one of those films that had a spotlight on it and now that light is beginning to grow dim.

Even though I enjoyed the footage from a dialogue and comedic perspective, I think they still have a bit of work to get this translated to film. At this stage it looks like more of a “B” movie than a feature film. What do you think?