Apollo’s son follows his father’s footsteps in the Rocky spinoff “Creed.”

“Fruitvale Station” and Fantastic Four actor Michael B. Jordan has been climbing his way to the top with his critical acclaim and upcoming superhero notoriety. Now with the “Rocky” spinoff “Creed” on the way and Jordan starring as Apollo Creed’s son Adonis, Michael B. Jordan could be a household name soon. Check out for the trailer for “Creed” below.

Anyone can admit that the “Rocky” spinoffs have gotten a bit out of control and redundant but crowds still seem to enjoy them. Out of all the spinoffs, “Creed” has the potential to be the most unique due to a change in perspective. For once in the “Rocky” franchise, the main focus isn’t going to be on Rocky making a comeback but instead his best friend’s son Adonis. I have to say that Michael B. Jordan looks ready to play the part and I think we can expect a dynamic character combined with some awesome training montages.

I admit that when I first heard of the idea to expand the “Rocky” universe with the “Creed” spinoff, I felt like it was just another example of “milking a cash-cow.” While that is probably true to an extent, I think that this trailer looks awesome. To see the tale told from another perspective is intriguing to me and the way that this trailer was shot has me even more intrigued. Of course I have a few questions that should be answered in the film, including Adonis’ origin story to follow Apollo’s footsteps. The bigger question I have is regarding his living/financial situation which makes it seem like he’s more poverty stricken. I understand that Rocky made some bad financial choices but are all boxers in this franchise just bad with money?

Outside of my questions, the fact that I have questions is a good sign for studios. It shows that they have my attention and probably have the attention of others with this trailer.

Does “Creed” have your attention?