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It’s still early but Reese Witherspoon is still catching some preemptive Oscar buzz for the film Wild. The film is based on a memoir written by Cheryl Strayed titled “Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail.” Witherspoon plays Strayed, a woman stricken with an array of tragedy including death, divorce, and drug addiction. These tragedies lead her on an isolated, 1,100 mile journey along the Pacific Crest Trail. Take a look at the trailer below.


Wild initially reminds me of Into the Wild which follows a similar theme regarding nature and self discovery. The difference with Wild will most likely be the harsh tragedies Reese Witherspoon’s character faces. Drugs and death tend to be themes that grab the attention of the Oscars and when you add the clout of Director Jean-Marc Vallee who directed Dallas Buyer’s Club, you practically have a formula for success. Reese Witherspoon has become quite the seasoned actress since winning her Oscar for Walk the Line back in 2006. I suspect playing such a dynamic role, she’s sure to gain an adequate amount of attention with Wild.