Quija the Movie

“Quija” takes the classic board game to horrific levels this Halloween!

While the studios are probably still recouping their losses from other board game adaptations (“Battleship”), they’ve finally decided to capitalize on the Halloween crowds by introducing “Quija” into the horror genre. Take a look at the trailer below!


From the trailer, “Quija” looks campy, predictable, and shock-ridden like most horror films. These may be expected traits of the horror genre but they’re also a part of the formula for success. I expect this film to gain about as much critical acclaim as any other adaptation with a quick turnaround.

While the horror genre rarely gains critical acclaim, I think that “Quija” will be the most successful board game adaptation with so much lore that surrounds the classic board game. Horror junkies will most likely flock to this film with its Halloween release looking to get their scare fix for the season.

What do you think? Will this be a film on you list this Halloween?