Pitch Perfect 2 Bellas

The “Pitch Perfect 2” trailer is here and “pitchier” than ever!

“Pitch Perfect” was a fan favorite for many. With aspects from the TV show “Glee” and the antics of comedies like “Bridesmaids” it reached a very wide demographic. In this sequel, the Bardem Bellas return to compete but this time it’s competing on a global scale. Check out the trailer below.

It’s no secret that I loved the first film. I thought it was hilarious and I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed the music. With a strong female cast lead by Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, and Rebel Wilson, “Pitch Perfect” created a balanced comedy with some very enjoyable musical performances as well. And honestly if you didn’t enjoy Anna Kendrick’s song “Cups” then you’re in denial.

Reiterating what I’ve said before, I am very much looking forward to “Pitch Perfect 2.” It’s releasing in May 2015 which is prime season for blockbusters and competition but I think fans will still make their way to see this film.

Is “Pitch Perfect 2” on your must see list?