Pitch Perfect 2 Bellas

Elizabeth Banks spoke with Yahoo! Movies about the plot for the upcoming “Pitch Perfect 2.”

When it comes to “Pitch Perfect” it’s up there with my guilty pleasure films. There’s just something about those harmonious lady Bellas that keeps me watching and wanting more. Well it turns out we’ve finally got a little more with Elizabeth Banks’ recent discussion about the plot and new characters for “Pitch Perfect 2.”

I won’t say anything about that relationship, but the girls are now graduating seniors. They’re coming to the end of their time as Bellas and figuring out how to sort of leave the next and the comfort of each other’s friendship and figure out what they’re going to do with the rest of their lives.
– Elizabeth Banks

So the plot moves from the first film’s timeline of freshman year for Anna Kendrick’s character, all the way to senior year. It makes me wonder where she had gone with her DJ career from the first film and how well the Bellas have done since.

As for new additions to the cast, I think the acapella-philes will be pleased to know that some of their favorites will be making cameos in the film. Both Pentatonix and Filharmonic will add their own musical numbers to the film. For those that haven’t heard of Pentatonix, I suggest you enlighten yourself by watching the video below. Keep in mind that there are no instruments to supplement their music, it’s all them!

Some great, true acapella groups like Pentatonix and the Filharmonic, Penn Masala, I can confirm are all in the movie and they’re amazing. They do all their own singing and dancing. It’s all about authenticity in the acapella world. We really want to honor that and honor the people who are really doing it out there who we’re inspired by when we make the movie.
– Elizabeth Banks

As you’re reading this you’re probably thinking I’ve lost a few “man cards” by expressing my excitement for “Pitch Perfect 2” but I can’t deny it, I loved the first film and I’m excited for the second. The first film was funny and fun and I’m sure the sequel will bring more of the same antics and incredibly catchy tunes that we all love…even though some of us may deny we love them.

So while we’ll all be anticipating the next superhero blockbuster, on May 15, 2015 I will have an appetizer to hold me over with the release of “Pitch Perfect 2.” Oh and Anna Kendrick if you ever want to hang…you know where to find me!