Peter Pan

This trailer for “Pan” tells a different story of Peter Pan and Captain Hook!

With NBC’s “Peter Pan Live!” just around the corner, the timing for the release of the trailer for “Pan” is more than fitting. “Pan” is a Warner Bros. reboot of the classic tale of Peter Pan. In this trailer we see Peter Pan and Captain Hook more as friends than enemies with the real enemy being Blackbeard played by Hugh Jackman. Take a look at the trailer below!

This tale of Peter Pan is far different from the one we know. The beginning has a sort of “Oliver Twist” feel to it with the orphanage filled with innocent children. With his imagination running wild due to a letter from his (presumably) deceased mother, he is unwillingly taken to Neverland which seems to be run by the pirate Blackbeard. In an interesting twist we see that Peter is a prophesized warrior of Neverland and is teaming up with his classically known nemesis (Captain) Hook.

peter pan jolly roger

The Jolly Roger?

Retellings are becoming very popular in Hollywood. With the Broadway success of “Wicked” and the box office success of “Maleficent,” it’s a no brainer to continue with these films. We all remember Robin Williams’ “Hook” which was a very successful retelling of the “Peter Pan” story and with “Pan” due out in 2015, I’m sure it will see ample success as well.

What do you think of this retelling of Peter Pan?