Fight Club -

[Source: USA Today]

Dark Horse is talking about the one thing you DON’T talk about. No, I’m not talking Katy Perry. I’m talking “Fight Club 2,” the sequel to the rabidly popular Chuck Palahniuk novel turned film.

Who is directing it? Have they cast any actors yet? Well, the answers are nobody and no. What’s the reason, you say?

Palahniuk will be collaborating with artists Cameron Stewart and David Mack to create a 10-issue comic series for Dark Horse Comics, the third-largest comics publisher in the United States. Dark Horse is most commonly known for such titles as Star Wars, Hellboy, and Buffy.

Fight Club 2 -

Dark Horse Comics’ “Fight Club 2” Cover Art

That means no movie sequel … well, not yet anyway. The comic series promises to bring back the book’s central characters, the nameless narrator, Marla Singer and Tyler Durden, with their social awkwardness and penchant for bare-knuckle boxing in tow.

According to Palahniuk’s interview with USA Today,

“the original book was such a tirade against fathers — everything I had thought my father had not done combined with everything my peers were griping about their fathers.” “Now to find myself at the age that my father was when I was trashing him made me want to revisit it from the father’s perspective and see if things were any better and why it repeats like that.”

The story will revolve around the narrator failing his 9-year old son in the same way that his father failed him.

“Fight Club 2″ hits shelves on April 8, 2015.