The One I Love -

“The One I Love” is a romantic comedy about a couple attempting to renew their relationship with a quiet getaway that seems to evolve into a deranged yet quirky sabbatical. The film stars Mark Duplass (“Safety Not Guaranteed”) and Elizabeth Moss (“Mad Men”) and hits theaters next month. Take a look at the trailer below.

Mark Duplass is one of those hidden gems in Hollywood right now. Many know him for his leading role on FX’s “The League,” but his talents extend far beyond a television comedy. He has had huge roles in the execution of films like “Safety Not Guaranteed” and “Cyrus” and now with “The One I Love” he may gain indie acclaim again.

The trailer mentions the films I mentioned above which leads me to believe there will be a similar tone or it could just be an attempt to create hype. The trailer obscures the film’s plot quite a bit and that stray from consistency actually created a loss of urgency in viewing this film, despite what I may think of Duplass’ previous ventures. That’s not saying I’m not intrigued, just far less engaged when it comes to the possibilities of this film.

Also, is it just me or does everyone else see the font and text progression seem like a direct facsimile of a Wes Anderson film? I actually had to double check IMDB to ensure he was not involved in some way.

Despite my critique of the trailer, Mark Duplass has proven himself as a very passionate presence in Hollywood and I’ve enjoyed many of his films. I look forward to catching this film next month.