“Chappie” stars Hugh Jackman and Dev Patel in a “Short Circuit” like sci-fi film.

Artificial intelligence is definitely becoming the fad for 2015. With the Ex Machina trailer just released, the A.I. lineup for 2015 seems to keep growing. The difference is that while “Ex Machina” explores passion and sex, “Chappie” explores child like innocence. Take a look at the trailer below.

As previously stated, this film seems very much like a “Short Circuit” adaptation for this generation. While the creators of this robot recognize the creation’s curiosity and innocence, the government sees its creation as a threat and responds with fear.

Director Neill Blomkamp will direct “Chappie” following his success with other sci-fi films. Given the similar emotional attachment established for his other films, “District 9” and “Elysium,” I’m expecting a similar layout for “Chappie.” The trailer honestly invoked a bit of an emotional response already. The child-like characteristics of the robot early in the trailer established the emotional connection for the climax of the film. When seeing the transition from wonder and innocence to violence and fear, it sets a familiar tone for “Chappie.”

From the trailer and work of Director Neill Blomkamp, I think that “Chappie” will be a very interesting film for 2015. Its current U.S. release date is still tentative but there is a U.K. release date of March 6, 2015.