Adam Sandler Netflix

Adam Sandler will have four films exclusively released on Netflix!

It was recently announced that Netflix will get rights to a theatrical release of “Crouching Tiger 2”. Netflix claimed that several exclusive films were in the works and now they’ve revealed four of those exclusive films will be Adam Sandler originals.

Netflix is scoring big left and right. I can’t believe the mail-in DVD service I used to subscribe to has grown into a streaming media platform and now an industry game changer. With Adam Sandler on board this may be the clout that Netflix needs to influence the industry even more, even though Adam Sandler has not been held in the highest regard as of late.

It’s no surprise that Adam Sandler has not been a box office success over the past few years. “Grown Ups 2” was considered one of the worst films of 2013 and his other recent films such as “Blended” have been regarded as close to the same. Adam Sandler even told talk show host David Letter that he chooses his films based on potential vacation spots rather than their substance.

Despite Adam Sandler’s slump, he’s still a very talented guy that has produced some very unique and funny films. Maybe finding a home on a streaming media platform like Netflix will do him some good and give us some of the classic Sandler we miss so much. Even if he stays his course, we at least know his films can’t get any worse.

Will Adam Sandler be able to save his name on the Netflix streaming media platform?