Daredevil Netflix Original

The first trailer for Netflix’s Daredevil series is here!

We’ve been following the progress of the upcoming Daredevil TV series for quite some time now. We’ve seen images, cast additions, and even a few clips, but this is the first time that Netflix has released an official trailer for their series. Take a look at the trailer below as Netflix presents Marvel‘s “Daredevil.”

I think that this looks extremely well done. We’ve heard from different cast members that this version of “Daredevil” will be much darker than what we’ve seen in the past (Ben Affleck), but this looks like it could have some serious depth as well. Charlie Cox seems dynamically poignant capturing the duality of Daredevil and Matt Murdock. Vincent D’Onofrio seems equally as interesting as the Kingpin and even caught me off guard with his opening narration justifying his actions in the name of protecting the city. As for Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson, their moments are brief and we will just have to wait to see them in action as Karen Page and Foggy Nelson.

Overall I think Netflix has proven themselves in the TV realm. With so many quality TV shows and upcoming films, they are proving themselves to be a rival to many other TV and film distribution outlets. While the fate of “Daredevil” has yet to be determined, judging by Netflix and Marvel’s record, I think we can speculate that the series will be “watchable” to say the least.

Are you excited for Netflix’s Daredevil series?