Michael Strahan Magic Mike

TV Host/Football Star Michael Strahan will be appearing in “Magic Mike XXL” alongside Channing Tatum!

If you are a frequent viewer of “Live With Kelly and Michael” then you may know that Channing Tatum has asked co-host Michael Strahan about appearing in the upcoming “Magic Mike” sequel multiple times. There has been a slew of funny remarks and banter between the two and Michael Strahan has consistently agreed to appear in what seemed to be a joking manner. Today it was officially confirmed that he will indeed be appearing in “Magic Mike XXL.”

The Live With Kelly and Michael co-host revealed Monday morning that he’ll make an appearance in the Magic Mike sequel, set to hit theaters July 1, 2015.

Michael Strahan may have seemed to be joking but from the sound of things, it seems as if he is very enthusiastic about taking the role. Production for “Magic Mike XXL” has already begun so I’m not sure how big of a role Strahan will have but based on the video below, it seems as if he’s been preparing for the part.

What do you all think of this Football Star’s appearance in the film?

[Source: Hollywood Reporter]