Mel Brooks mark outside Hollywood's Chinese Theater

Mel Brooks mark outside Hollywood’s Chinese Theater

“Mel Brooks leaves 11-finger hand print in cement ceremony outside Hollywood’s Chinese Theatre”

It’s great to see that one of our greatest comedy directors of all time is still able to make us laugh at 88 years old.  Brook’s is celebrating the 40th anniversary of “Young Frankenstein” (stayed tuned later to FilmFad for an in-depth tribute article to this film).  With other iconic works like “Blazing Saddles,” “The Producers,” “History of the World Part I,” and “Spaceballs” on his resume, Mel Brooks is well deserving and far overdue for such a tribute.


Mel Brooks 11 finger


I am curious of how such an antic will be perceived years from now when unsuspecting tourists walk by calling out to their friends whose hands they see.  I think the looming question I would have from seeing it would be: how did he choose which finger to use when flipping the bird with that hand?

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