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Marvel still wants their Spider-Man back but not with Andrew Garfield attached.

The Sony Pictures hack has revealed quite a bit of information. While some have taken a more pessimistic approach towards the Sony “Spidey Summit”, we at Film Fad see things a bit more optimistically. Unfortunately, as optimistic as we may be for Sony striking a deal with Marvel to get Spider-Man in their films, there are some concrete negatives that would come with this collaboration. As many have come to enjoy Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, it seems as though Marvel wants a completely new character if the deal is to happen.

IF the Marvel/Sony deal were to go forward, Andrew Garfield would no longer be Peter Parker and any baggage from existing films, Raimi or Webb, would be non-canonical, Marvel doesn’t want any part of those films. The idea is that the Spider-Man romance movie has been played out over five installments, so any new Spider-Man films would focus on the difficulties of being a teenager and a superhero with a romance side-story, not the film’s focus.

It’s unfortunate how this would play out because there are both positives and negatives when it comes to this deal. Spider-Man needs a new story with the backlash the last film has received but a majority would agree that Andrew Garfield fits very well into the Peter Parker/Spider-Man role. While I understand Marvel’s logic in the deal, it’s disappointing that Andrew Garfield has been so underutilized in that iconic role. I can’t say I supported Sony’s last Spider-Man film but I have supported Andrew Garfield since the beginning. It’s unfortunate but if this deal were to happen, Andrew Garfield would end up being a casualty of war.

What do you think, do you want to see a new Spider-Man or keep Garfield?

[Source: Latino Review]