General Zod Man of Steel

Michael Shannon may be Doomsday in “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

While many saw General Zod (controversially) have his neck broken in “Man of Steel,” this past November Michael Shannon was spotted on the set of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Many have been wondering how this could be possible when General Zod was obviously killed. Some were wondering if he would be involved in some sort of flashback or maybe even a ghost-like hallucination in response to Superman‘s actions taken in “Man of Steel.” While both of these are valid theories, it turns out that has their own speculated theory.

His corpse is stolen (or perhaps just acquired, given his military contacts in most versions of the modern mythology) by Lex Luthor and experimented on, presumably in the hopes of finding a weakness to exploit against Superman. In the course of his experimenting, we’ve been told that he “triggers the Doomsday genome,” causing the corpse to reanimate as the mindless killing machine at the center of The Death of Superman.

I don’t know where they got their source, but this seems like a very interesting theory. For one it’s a great way to reintroduce Michael Shannon into the film and two it’s a feasible way to introduce Doomsday without an extensive origin story.

Superman vs Doomsday

Superman vs Doomsday

Doomsday was arguably Superman’s most formidable opponent. He was the cause for Superman’s supposed death in the 1990s comic book “The Death of Superman.” To introduce such a pivotal character during a film that will involve interactions between two spotlight characters (Batman and Superman) and the emergence of the Justice League, could be an overload for “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Hopefully (if this rumor is true), the film can survive the amount of characters that will be involved in the film.

What do you think? Is this fact or fiction?