Magic Mike XXL

Magic Mike returns in this latest trailer for “Magic Mike XXL.”

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many women will be flocking to the theaters to see Fifty Shades of Grey. While this may be their film for the Winter, “Magic Mike XXL” will definitely be their film for the Summer. In the trailer below we see Mike (Channing Tatum) getting back to his roots in a bigger and more elaborate setting. Take a look…and ladies…try to contain yourself.

Channing Tatum is making his return to the film that redefined his career. With a bigger sequel comes a bigger budget, so the name “Magic Mike XXL” is more than fitting for numerous reasons. The trailer still seems to capture the humorous aspect of male stripping while still having that more serious Steven Soderbergh feel which is a good balance.

Despite the hype behind the previous film being related to the stripping, “Magic Mike” actually was a decent film. It was very well shot and had some very interesting characters. With the sequel I’m not expecting the same cinematic intrigue and instead I expect to see them focus on the dances and strip scenes. Sequels are more made for bringing audiences back and sex appeal is the most talked about attribute of “Magic Mike XXL.” I expect to see less character development in this film and more “fun” aka strip/dance scenes.

While I don’t think the previous film’s plot necessitated any sort of sequel, “Magic Mike XXL” is a film that had to be made. The audience response from the first film was unexpected and this sequel is going to be a guaranteed box office success. While the subject matter does seem to be female oriented, I do think that the humor will be entertaining regardless of sex.

Will you be seeing “Magic Mike XXL?” Let us know!