The Visit

M. Night Shyamalan releases the trailer for his next film “The Visit.”

M. Night Shyamalan has a knack for capturing the eerie but also has a knack for creating disappointing endings. With his next film “The Visit,” Shyamalan creates that usual eerie feel that we know but hopefully doesn’t leave us disappointed in the end. Take a look at the trailer below and tell us what you think.

Well…the trailer has me freaked out. No offense to old people but you freak me the f*ck out! If “The Visit” is able to finish strong in the end then this may be a terrifying experience for me. I’m not speaking for the rest of you that may see this film but the combination of defenseless children confined in a home run by crazy elderly people has me starting to form goosebumps as I’m writing this. By incorporating elements that are synonymous with both dementia and demonic possession, this trailer for “The Visit” creates a sense of horrific association between the elderly and malevolent supernatural forces. The most terrifying element of this trailer is that it doesn’t show anything particularly supernatural, everything is grounded which leaves much to the imagination which is more frightening than anything a studio can produce.

While the trailer has me rattled, I still have to say that I don’t have faith in M. Night Shyamalan. His track record is pretty terrible in regards to filmmaking with the exceptions being “The Sixth Sense,” “Unbreakable,” and for some people, “Signs.” But despite his poor track record, the man does excel at making intense trailers. Maybe if he put a little bit less into the trailers, the bar wouldn’t be set so high for his films. But who knows, maybe this trailer for “The Visit” is a clear representation of what we will see in the film. But more than likely, it’s going to be a signature M. Night Shyamalan disappointment.

What do you think? Has M. Night Shyamalan learned his lesson or will “The Visit” be another flop?