The tease is gone, this latest “Tomorrowland” trailer shows it all!

We’ve seen one trailer already which gave us a tease of Disney‘s upcoming film Tomorrowland. This latest trailer reveals a bit more of the plot while also showcasing the spectacular, cinematic eye candy that accompanies the film. Take a look at the trailer below!

Visually this film looks amazing, but many times we’ve seen a visual masterpiece that had a plot that couldn’t meet expectations. That’s not to say this film won’t be amazing but more of a precautionary warning to not overhype “Tomorrowland.” The plot actually has some very familiar elements that we can already see from the trailer. In fact, I can’t help but think of “Tron: Legacy” when hearing the music and seeing the girl ride up on a motorcycle in search of a hidden world. George Clooney even fits well into the wiser Jeff Bridges role living in his isolated and secluded lifestyle. That’s not to say “Tomorrowland” will necessarily be bad or good, it’s just an interesting observation I made after watching this trailer a few times.

Outside of that observation, “Tomorrowland: A World Beyond” has a lot going for it on many levels. Brad Bird (“Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”) is directing the film and co-wrote the screenplay alongside Writer Damon Lindelof (“LOST”). Both have proven themselves to be a success in both of these areas. On top of that we have George Clooney starring in the film which is out of his genre-norm. Hopefully “Tomorrowland” will live up to its hype and everything will fit together as seamless as it already seems to be.

Are you excited for Tomorrowland? Will it live up to the hype?