The Good Dinosaur - November 25, 2015

The latest trailer for “The Good Dinosaur” establishes a human connection.

There’s a meme making the rounds of the internet about the creative process of Pixar films, “what if [blank] had feelings?” with the recent “Inside Out” being “what if feelings had feelings?” It’s a good joke because it really does feel that way sometimes. Now it looks like we’re getting “what if dinosaurs had feelings?” with their newest film “The Good Dinosaur”.

From the first teasers we know this new film is about an alternate earth where the meteor that killed all the dinosaurs missed our planet and thus all the dinosaurs survived. That’s about all the teasers showed us. They just explain the concept and then give some really quick shots of the dinosaurs running around. This new trailer gives us a better idea of the plot with the dinosaur and a human boy surviving together. I have to admit from the teaser I interpreted it to mean it was some story showing us what the world would be like if dinosaurs evolved to live alongside us but it doesn’t look like that’s what we’re getting. I have no complaints as from this trailer, this looks like another winner from Pixar. There is no dialog during the whole trailer (like the first half of “Wall-E”) however that could be entirely different in the actual movie. Remember the trailer to Disney’s “Dinosaur?” Still, the major vibe “The Good Dinosaur” trailer seems to be giving off is selling us on the emotion of the characters and the simple beauty in these quiet moments with some fun action. All of this is set to the new song “Crystals” by Of Monsters And Men.

As a new film directed by Peter Sohn, this will be his first feature length film. He had previously done the excellent Pixar short “Partly Cloudy.”

“The Good Dinosaur” is due to be released November 25th of this year. Thank you Pixar for the gift of two films in one year. You all are so considerate.