Kristen Wiig Captain Marvel

The Avengers have their Captain Marvel and it’s SNL’s Kristen Wiig!

Kristen Wiig may easily tickle our funny bones but now she’s going to be fighting alongside the Avengers after being cast as Captain Marvel. While many speculated that Emily Blunt had been eyed for the role and fans pushed for Katee Sackhoff, it turns out Marvel is making another bold move and casting SNL alumni Kristen Wiig for the heroic part.

Kristen Wiig may be a comedic actress to many but in screen tests she proved herself as the best choice for the superheroine. We are pleased to have her as the next member of the Avengers.

While I enjoy Kristen Wiig, I have to say that I am disappointed in this casting choice. Kristen Wiig is too well known for comedy which is going to make it very difficult for her to transform into a superhero such as Captain Marvel. In fairness, some could argue that Robert Downey Jr. was an iffy choice at first for Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) as well but he turned out to be amazing. Before we start bashing Kristen Wiig I think that we should reflect on some casting choices such as this that turned out to be amazing when the public disagreed at first.

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Captain Marvel

Sure Kristen Wiig may be typecast at the moment but everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves. Don’t you think we should give her a chance? While I do think that Kristen Wiig is amazing, I have to admit that I think she is not right for this role. There are so many roles that she could do but I just don’t feel that she fits into this role.

Why on Earth would a studio like Marvel Studios take a chance by casting such a well known comedic actress for a role as a superhero? Well there’s only one reason for it and I’m not sure if you will like the reason. The reason that it is being announced that Kristen Wiig is Captain Marvel is because it is April Fool’s Day!