Kristen Stewart Jesse Eisenberg

Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg join the cast of Woody Allen’s “Irrational Man.”

Kristen Stewart will be reunited with “Adventureland” star Jesse Eisenberg in Woody Allen’s next film, “Irrational Man.” According to IndieWire, “Die Hard” star Bruce Willis will be joining the cast as well.

“Adventureland” duo Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart, who recently teamed up again on the forthcoming “American Ultra,” are once again joining forces for Allen’s next flick. Also aboard is Bruce Willis.

While there is currently not much to know about this Woody Allen film, we do know that “Irrational Man” is building quite the cast list. Alongside the mentioned members above, the film also stars Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone.

Within the past five years, many of Woody Allen’s films have been extremely hit or miss. Both “Midnight in Paris” and “Blue Jasmine” were highly regarded Oscar nominated films yet films like “Magic in the Moonlight” and “To Rome With Love” were poorly reviewed by a majority of critics. Interesting enough, both Emma Stone and Jesse Eisenberg were cast members in those latter two films which bombed and are now getting a second chance in “Irrational Man.”

Kristen Stewart will make her Woody Allen debut in this film which says a lot about the direction in which she is driving her career. With films like “Irrational Man,” Camp X-Ray, and a role in “Still Alice,” Stewart is making a strong attempt to distance herself from her Twilight years. Attaching herself to these types of films is a very smart move for her if she wants to be taken seriously. We’ve seen other actors make this kind of move in the past and in the end it paid out with either an Oscar nomination or win. But for now we can only speculate as to whether “Irrational Man” will be the prestigious gem Stewart is looking for or a Woody Allen flop that continues to halt the diversification of her career.

What do you think of Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg reuniting in “Irrational Man?”