Nicholas Hoult surfaces in this dark trailer for “Kill Your Friends.”

X-Men: Apocalypse star Nicholas Hoult shows a much darker side in the latest trailer for “Kill Your Friends.” The film is an adaptation of the cult favorite novel by John Niven about the London music industry and the cutthroat, dark practices of those involved. Take a look at the official synopsis below, followed by the trailer. Be warned that the trailer is explicit and NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

As the twentieth century breathes its very last, with Britpop at its zenith, twenty-seven-year-old A&R man Steven Stelfox is slashing and burning his way through London’s music industry. Blithely crisscrossing the globe in search of the next megahit—fueled by greed and inhuman quantities of cocaine—Stelfox freely indulges in an unending orgy of self-gratification. But the industry is changing fast and the hits are drying up, and the only way he’s going to salvage his sagging career is by taking the idea of “cutthroat” to murderous new levels.



Nicholas Hoult – “Kill Your Friends”

“Kill Your Friends” also stars James Corden, Tom Riley, and Rosanna Arquette who come together for this dark adaptation. Some are already referring to “Kill Your Friends” as the British version of “American Psycho.” It’s not hard to see the connection with multiple correlating aspects that include sex, drugs, and murder. Already from the trailer we can see Nicholas Hoult’s character indulging in many of the same vices as Christian Bale’s character Patrick Bateman in “American Psycho.” Those vices include participating in orgies and planning murder all while maintaining a certain “industry persona.” He also shares the same sinister looks and signature blood splatter on his face as you can see in the picture to the right.

“Kill Your Friends” currently has no U.S. theatrical release date but it will open in the U.K. on November 6th. It will also be featured at the Toronto International Film Festival if you happen to make it to that starting September 10.

How do you feel about “Kill Your Friends” after seeing this trailer?