Kevin Smith Daughter Harley Quinn Smith

Daughter of Kevin Smith, Harley Quinn Smith, is likely to have a role in “Clerks III” according to her father.

On the premiere episode of “Comic Book Men” Kevin Smith’s daughter made an appearance. Introducing her, Kevin Smith mentioned that an upcoming film she’s in will be a preparatory role for a role in “Clerks III.”

If you’ve seen Kevin Smith’s most recent film “Tusk” then you may recognize his daughter Harley Quinn Smith as one of the Canadian cashiers that share a witty conversation with Justin Long’s character. Well despite the mixed reviews and low box office numbers, it looks like there will a spinoff film to “Tusk.” The spinoff will be centered around his daughter’s character in the film as well as Johnny Depp’s character Guy Lapointe. According to Kevin Smith, this film (“Yoga Hosers”) will be that preparatory role for Harley Quinn Smith’s role in “Clerks III.”

Harley Quinn Smith Tusk

Harley Quinn Smith in “Tusk” (left)

It’s not a surprise that Kevin Smith’s daughter will have a role in “Clerks III” because she did have a small role in “Clerks II.” What is a surprise is that there will be an actual spinoff to the film “Tusk” given that it had such poor box office numbers.

“Yoga Hosers” is quite the break for such a young actress because despite being a Kevin Smith film, she gets to work alongside a great actor such as Johnny Depp. Having the experience of working with Depp should be more than enough experience to prepare for a role in “Clerks III” as well as other future films!

What do you think of a “Tusk” spinoff and Harley Quinn Smith in “Clerks III?”