Justice League Thrones of Atlantis

Warner Bros. and DC Comics show off their latest animated feature in this trailer for “Justice League: Thrones of Atlantis.”

If you haven’t been watching the DC animated films then you are missing out on an entirely new experience of comic book films. These aren’t your average Saturday morning cartoons, these animated films are well written adaptations of popular storylines throughout comic book history. They are gritty, engaging, and tend to envision the characters as we would like to see on the big screen which cannot be portrayed by a live action performance. Take a look at the trailer below!

It’s fitting that an Aquaman based animated film was next on the agenda given the recent hype with Jason Momoa as Aquaman in the “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” film. “Justice League: Thrones of Atlantis” may give viewers a better understanding of the character by giving a dynamic depth to the man known as Arthur Curry.

Justice League Thrones of Atlantis Aquaman

Aquaman in “Justice League Thrones of Atlantis”

I will say that despite the mixed reviews of DC live action feature films, I have yet to be displeased with any of these recent animated films. They are very entertaining and I expect “Justice League: Thrones of Atlantis” to be just as entertaining.

What are your thoughts on the DC animated film universe?

[Source: ComicBook.com]