Jurassic World

The “Jurassic World” teaser trailer premieres to give us a taste of what’s to come!

As we’re all anxiously awaiting the full “Jurassic World” trailer to premiere later this week, we now have a teaser. Universal Studios has released this short clip and plans to release the full trailer later this week. Take a look at the trailer below!

There are a few scenes throughout this teaser that are very reminiscent of the original film. The iconic gate doors opening and the dinosaurs running across the plain almost look exactly like the original film. Overall much of the teaser looks like a very well done reboot.

I think that they are going the right route with “Jurassic World.” They never returned to the original island and since their time on that island, no sequel has come close to the original’s splendor. By returning to the original island, this film has the potential to capitalize on what made “Jurassic Park” so great. We can get a further look later this week when the full trailer premieres.