Chris Pratt Jurassic World Motorcycle

How does Chris Pratt tame the Raptors? This “Jurassic World” footage sheds some light!

Have you been wondering how Chris Pratt was able ride with Raptors like they were a part of a biker gang? Well this footage from the upcoming Jurassic World gives a bit of insight into that subject. Take a look at the clip below and join us in the speculation.

It seems as though Bryce Dallas Howard’s character and Chris Pratt’s had/have some sort of fling going on. With his reminiscent Star Lord snarky charm, he eludes to that fact while also explaining his role as a Raptor trainer. It seems that somehow he and the Raptors have a sort of mutual respect. Whether or not this cohabitation will have an enlightening origin has yet to be determined, but this has been one of the main questions on people’s minds.

Some of you may remember the original idea for the Raptors and developing their intelligence for future “Jurassic Park” films. At one point Hollywood was exploring giving them guns (no this is not a joke), but as long as they don’t go that extreme, I think they can make this interesting. I’m sure that this is a significant aspect of the film as they explore the morality of creating life and taming the wild. While there probably won’t be many spoilers leading up to “Jurassic World’s” upcoming release, I am very interested to see how this Raptor relationship aka “Pratt Pack” was formed.

What are your theories on the Chris Pratt and raptor relationship in “Jurassic World?”