Spectre James Bond Cars

New behind the scenes “SPECTRE” footage reveals the new Aston Martin and Jaguar chase!

When a James Bond film comes out, the build up remains as secret as James Bond’s secret agent lifestyle. The media has been minimal but today we get a behind the scenes look at one of the best things about James Bond films…the cars. Check out the SPECTRE footage below that features the new Aston Martin and Jaguar in a car chase with commentary from Dave Bautista as well.

I’m not a car person but I do love cars in film because they usually lead to amazing car chases and stunts. In “SPECTRE,” much like other Bond films, the cars are as much as a part of the franchise as the latest Bond girl. Every film seems to get a new car or new style of car to wow the audience. In particular, the manufacturer favorite is definitely the Aston Martin and we tend to see a change in the model for every James Bond film.

For “SPECTRE” the crew got their hands on exclusively designed Aston Martins, more specifically eight of them. From the stunts we see in this footage it looks like “SPECTRE” should carry the same amount of car chasing, high speed fun that we’ve seen in the previous Daniel Craig films. Jumping off the ramps, riding along the walls, and cutting around corners at high speeds makes me that much more excited for the film.

After seeing this, I can see why stunt people love their jobs. If I get to drive an Aston Martin or a Jaguar up a wall or off of a ramp at high speeds then sign me up! If you are going to be a part of a James Bond film then being behind the wheel of one of these cars would probably make you feel more like Bond than playing the character yourself.

Are you excited for “SPECTRE?” What’s your favorite James Bond car?