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Marvel may have just cast their next Spider-Man without telling us!

While it clearly is speculation at this point, social media may have once again worked in fandom’s favor by revealing Marvel‘s upcoming Spider-Man actor. The young British actor Sam Strike has been tweeting some revealing tweets that have led us to believe he could be preparing for the role of our favorite wall crawler.

Back in February, Sam Strike tweeted about the possibility of Miles Morales being the identity of the next Spider-Man. While the tweet below could be regarded as just another actor giving his opinion, the instagram photo that follows is very interesting.

The instagram image that followed the tweet leads to further speculation that he is involved with Spider-Man. Donning a Spider-Man mask in the photo, Sam Strike either seems to be a major fan or teasing other fans for his role to come.

I'm spiderman

A photo posted by Sam Strike (@samstrike1894) on

The final hint is Sam’s most recent tweet regarding a role he “can’t tell us about” but is getting in shape for. While he could be preparing for any role, why would he have to be secretive about this upcoming role? Secrecy just screams superhero to me!

While nothing is solidified in regards to Spider-Man casting, the speculation is definitely being entertained by some major outlets. Latino Review felt that the rumor was pressing enough to mention it on their Instagram page and their accuracy rating has been very high in regards to rumors and speculation. But even if Marvel is pursuing Sam Strike, nothing has been made public which means they could just be in a courting stage or maybe he’s even courting them for the role. Either way, it’s probably the most solid rumor we’ve had thus far!

sam strike

Is Sam Strike Marvel’s next Spider-Man?

What do you think? Is this clearly a fabricated rumor or do signs point to truth?