Ryan Gosling Beauty & The Beast

“Hey Girl, I heard you like beasts so…”

It was recently announced that Emma Watson was cast as Belle in Disney’s upcoming, live-action version of “Beauty and the Beast.” Today it seems that another Hollywood heart-throb may have the lead role of the Beast.

According to Tracking Board, Disney is offering the lead role of the Beast to Ryan Gosling. While it has not been confirmed whether or not Ryan Gosling has accepted, it does seem like Ryan Gosling and Emma Watson would pair well together on screen.

I’m hearing that Ryan Gosling is Disney’s top choice to star in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, and has been offered the role. The part that Gosling is being courted for is the Beast himself. The film will be a live-action remake of the 1991 animated Disney classic. This version will also be a musical, likely keeping the original’s beloved musical numbers intact.

With Ryan Gosling possibly on board and Emma Watson already cast, this version of “Beauty and the Beast” will definitely have sex appeal. Both are at pivotal points in their career and honestly any role in a Disney film is a good career move. With the success of Disney’s child property Marvel and their recent Star Wars acquisition, getting in good with this studio is definitely a good thing.

Although Disney may be eyeing Ryan Gosling, remember that nothing is concrete in Hollywood. There are a variety of factors that could prevent Disney from getting who they want. Scheduling conflicts, contract agreements, salary, and Gosling’s desire to take the part are all barriers that must be broken down before he can be announced for having the part.

What do you think? Would you like to see Ryan Gosling as the Beast?