Captain America Virgin

Is Chris Evans’ character Captain America a virgin?

We’ve seen Captain America prove himself on the battlefield but it’s obvious he’s no Tony Stark in the bedroom. If the upcoming film Captain America: Civil War has foreshadowed anything, it’s that Captain America and Iron Man are polar opposites. While I hate to get all “TMZ” about Cap’s personal life, I believe that Cap still carries his “v-card” in the current MCU. Even Chris Evans himself believes this to be true! When asked by Entertainment Weekly about his love interests, Evans proceeded to claim that it was non-existant for Captain America.

It’s funny when you think about it – he’s probably a virgin. [Laughs.] He’s probably a virgin! I don’t know when it would’ve happened.

While this speculation may seem unnecessarily intrusive, I believe that his virginity is a part of what’s made him who he is in the films. Let me tell you why.

Captain America is always focused on the mission

Captain America Winter Soldier

Captain America is always focused on the mission

Ever since “Captain America: The First Avenger” we’ve seen Steve Rogers focused on becoming a soldier. When Bucky attempted to set Steve up on a double date at the Stark Expo, the girl was obviously not interested and even Steve had tunnel vision. Walking away from the group he attempted to enlist and from there the rest is history. As Captain America he did a have a few moments where a kiss was stolen but his heart was obviously set on Peggy Carter to whom he remained loyal.

To further reinforce his focus, a side story of Captain America: The Winter Soldier is Black Widow‘s quest to set Captain America up on a date. Out of the many attempts she made and the kiss she stole, Cap’s final excuse for not dating was he was “too busy.”

While some may view virgins in a negative light, the presence of sex is seen as a weakness when it comes to combat. Whether it be an athlete or a soldier in training, trainers will agree that sex clouds judgement. Maybe the reason that Captain America is such a good soldier is because he doesn’t have the problems of sex and dating to cloud his judgement.

Chivalry is dead…but not for Captain America

Captain America Peggy Carter kiss

Steve and Peggy share a kiss

“Yes Maam!” “Language!” While it may seem like Captain America is a bit of a prude in the films, he’s actually the only Avenger with manners. He’ll never be at the point where he makes some snarky chauvinistic comment like Tony Stark nor would he ever be as demanding as a god like Thor. While Black Widow has had to deal with her fair share of comments from heroes and villains alike, Captain America has been the only one to refrain from making disrespectful comments or sexually driven remarks.

The reason for this is most likely due to Captain America’s control over his sexual drive. His comments come from his head, not from his loins. Being a physically attractive hero, he’s turned down advances towards him with respect for courtship rather than giving in to the desires of a one night stand. In regards to Peggy Carter, we see that he is never once concerned about “fondue,” instead he speaks of he and Peggy having just a dance. With Agent Carter being a prime example, we see that Captain America is interested in long term, not short term and when it comes to his persona, he believes that nice guys finish first.

He was able to “move” Thor’s hammer Mjolnir

Captain America Thor Hammer

Captain America “almost” moved Thor’s hammer

This one could be a stretch but in Avengers: Age of Ultron Captain America was the only “human” able to move Thor’s hammer. Given it was just a nudge, it still shocked Thor. While it is obvious that Cap is a genuinely good person, the terms of being “worthy” according to the inscription on Mjolnir are a bit ambiguous.

The inscription on Thor’s hammer reads as, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.” In Norse mythology (and many religions/mythology), virginity is regarded as a sort of spiritual purity. With male virgins at Captain America’s age being a rarity (or unheard of), this could have been an attribute that makes him somewhat “worthy” to move the hammer. Maybe the virtues of worthiness according to Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer) are more on the level of god-like worthiness. With virginity frequently described as a divine virtue, Captain America may be the only one to meet that specification. Even if his virginity does not give him this “spiritual purity,” reiterating my first point, it does make him more focused and honorable.