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“The Interview” will begin streaming for free for Netflix subscribers on January 24!

That’s right, if you weren’t one of the millions of people that paid $5.99 to watch The Interview then you may have an opportunity to see it for free. According to Variety, Netflix subscribers will be able to stream “The Interview” for free (if you’re already a subscriber).

Netflix will offer Sony Pictures Entertainment’s controversial comedy “The Interview” to U.S. and Canadian members beginning Saturday, Jan. 24, the company announced Tuesday.

Sony is making sure that you don’t forget “The Interview.” Through the controversy surrounding the film building hype and it being one of the first mainstream theatrical releases to be streamed, it’s a film that’s definitely making history. Now with the box office numbers in, Sony is practically giving away the film to anyone who wants to watch.

While this may be disappointing for those who paid to view the film (myself included), I doubt that anyone will be too upset that they missed an opportunity for a free viewing. Reviews were harsh regarding the film and with the small price to pay ($6), even a bad film would be worth a viewing. Even with the negative reviews, I’m sure many previous viewers will join first-time viewers in watching the film again for free.

What do you think? Are you tired of hearing of hearing about “The Interview?