The Interview James Franco Kim Jong Un

“The Interview” will be available for streaming via Google Play on Christmas Eve 2014!

The controversy surrounding “The Interview” has grown far beyond anyone’s expectations. With Sony Pictures being the victim of a hack and Kim Jong Un considering it an act of war, “The Interview’s” level of controversy may exceed that of any film in the past decade. With a limited release planned for Christmas Day, those who don’t have a participating theater in their area now have a chance to view the film. And when viewing the film, they’ll be able to do so in the comfort of their own homes.

For the price of $5.99 you can rent the film and for $14.99 you can own it (digitally) via Google Play. With this being a theatrical release while simultaneously being available On Demand, it sets a precedent for the film industry.

The Interview Rental

Could “The Interview” have been testing grounds for the move from movie theaters? While it’s treading on conspiracy theory rhetoric, the Sony hack and North Korea controversy surrounding this film would make it the perfect film for building demand for in home viewing. We know that studios are in favor of this move given that they can reap all of the profits for themselves and cut out movie theaters all together. If this type of release proves to be successful for “The Interview” then we may see the end of the movie theater in the near future.

What do you think? Was hype built for this film to create a streaming audience?