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Interstellar opens November 7

Check out this visual flow chart explaining “Interstellar.” Warning Spoilers Ahead!

Many ventured out to the theaters this weekend to see Christopher Nolan’s next masterpiece, “Interstellar.” While many movie-goers were expecting a visual masterpiece, they unexpectedly got an impromptu lesson in astrophysics. If you were one of those that struggled to understand the film and the continuity of the plot, someone (stoifics42 from created a visual flow chart that maps “Interstellar” for confused audiences. Take a look at the image below and click to expand.

Interstellar Explained

Interstellar Explained

This is probably the most simplified way to describe the plot of “Interstellar” to perplexed audiences. The film is intended to be accurately thought-provoking and for the most part, it succeeds. For those that are still confused, you may need to brush up on some of the scientific concepts out there for a better understanding. I wouldn’t feel inferior if the film’s plot was too much for you, this is a very intense film for movie-goers looking for a simple sci-fi adventure.