Insidious Chapter 3

“Insidious Chapter 3” is revealed to be a prequel in this trailer!

The “Insidious” franchise is arguably one of the better horror franchises of this generation. The first film captured the aspect of grotesque horror while also incorporating that spine-tingling sense of eerie mixed with the occasional jumpy surprise moments. The second film followed in similar fashion but lacking the flair of the first film. The third chapter claims to be the “darkest” of the series and being a prequel, it may just be. Take a look at the trailer below.

I’m not usually one for horror films because I don’t get the scare effect that many movie goers seek. I may just be desensitized to the entire Horror genre because nothing seems to give me the chills anymore. “Insidious Chapter 3” looks like it may be following a similar method to other horror sequels by capitalizing on the success of the respective first film. “The Conjuring” was followed by the prequel “Annabelle” and now “Insidious” will be followed by a prequel which they are labeling as “Insidious Chapter 3.”

I like origin stories but they tend to not do so well in the horror genre. While many may enjoy horror films, I think that sequels are a way of keeping the cash flowing. Origin stories tend to be lacking when compared to the original films. I think that “Insidious Chapter 3” will fall into the same line as many other origin horror stories but I hope I’m proven wrong.

How do you think “Insidious Chapter 3” will turn out?