Some people may have been watching some event the other night, super something. Anyway one of the main draws is often trailers and commercials for new stuff.

Well it’s not over yet because we got another one. You can see it here.

Cartoon Network has released a trailer for the new hotly anticipated 5th season of “Samurai Jack”. One thing to remember, this is not a reboot or re-imagining of the 2001 series, this is a continuation. Fans will be happy to see the Phil LaMarr (“Pulp Fiction,” “Futurama,” “TMNT (2012),” “Justice League”) is returning to voice Jack. Also returning is series creator Genndy Tartakovsky (“Dexter’s Laboratory,” “Hotel Transylvania”) as executive producer.


This new, final season of the show reveals a much darker, serious take on the series. Fitting as it now will show on Adult Swim, the adult programming block of Cartoon Network. The show was about a demon named Aku taking over the world. One lone samurai challenged him with a magical sword (the only thing that could harm him). Before the samurai could make the final blow, Aku threw him into the future where the samurai (re-named Jack) continues his quest to defeat Aku and save the world. The show has a dedicated fan base, but never quite held the numbers it needed to last. It was cancelled in 2004 however, re-runs and a ton of critical praise has kept the show alive and in the minds of its fans who now can finally have some closure.


Speaking for myself, this looks really interesting but strange. Strange because, as stated before, this is not a remake but the same series. There’s just a number of years between seasons and the series has gotten much darker. Now fans will be quick to point out that for its time (especially as the series went on), it was darker and more adult than a lot of series but it still was a cartoon on Cartoon Network. The second episode was about Jack helping a city of talking dogs. It was definitely a cartoon of its time. I also personally hope John DiMaggio (Bender from “Futurama”) as The Scotsman returns as well.

The new season will air March 11th on Adult Swim.

What did you think of the trailer? Will you be watching the new/final season of “Samurai Jack?”