I have repeatedly said I want to see Hugh Jackman fighting robots, but this is because I wanted to see him with claws fighting Sentinels.  For some reason he tried and failed in 2011 with “Reel Steel,” and this March it looks as if we will see him try again. This time by fighting a friendly sentient robot.


Neill Blomkamp, known for of “Elysium,” “District 9,” and “Stargate SG1,” will be directing another sci-fi thriller entitled “Chappie.”  The trailer prepares us for the same type of film Blomkamp has directed in the past, but my hope is when you add Sigourney Weaver into a sci-fi it pic it will improve exponentially.  My biggest worry with this film is that it comes only two months before the release of another sentient robot focused film.  I just hope Hollywood does not inundate us with similar themes before May that could cause a decrease in excitement for “Avengers: Age of Ultron”…Now that would be a film with Hugh Jackman fighting robots that I would find acceptable.

Watch the trailer below and tell us what you think.