Glee Final Season

Okay Gleeks, here’s your “Frozen” cover you’ve been waiting for!

The Emmy award winning series “Glee” is on its final season. In the upcoming promo ad we are teased with the plot for season 6 as well as Lea Michele performing “Frozen’s” “Let It Go.” Watch the promo below!

I’ve watched “Glee” and actually enjoyed a lot of the early seasons. Creator Ryan Murphy is a versatile talent that gave us an intriguing plot and characters early on in the show. Unfortunately the past few seasons moved focus from the original characters we knew and focused on a newer cast. Because of that the show seemed like something entirely different. It reminded me of “Scrubs” season 9 when they continued the show with only cameos of the original cast to focus on characters we didn’t know. Many would agree that this formula is not a formula for success and hopefully “Glee” has learned from their ratings dip.

This final season of “Glee” has potential to finish strong. Going back to their roots at McKinley high and re-opening the glee club, this season could bring back the elements of the show that made it an Emmy award winning hit.

What do you think? Will the final season of “Glee” finish strong?