The international trailer for “Ghostbusters” takes another shot at capturing interest.

Despite the interest for the “Ghostbusters” reboot rising, the last trailer we saw hasn’t gained a lot of praise on the internet. Some have even gone as far as comparing it to the Adam Sandler film Pixels based on the trailer’s progression. Well now the international trailer has released and addresses the concerns that some had with the previous one including touching on race and gender. Take a look below.

This trailer does look a lot better than the first one we saw. Despite the excitement surrounding the film, many have had a lot of concerns and it’s obvious that this trailer is attempting to squash those concerns.

When it comes to the issue of race and gender with the film this trailer is definitely making an attempt at bringing those subjects out into the open. I’m usually one to lay low when it comes to stirring up controversy but I have to admit that this film does carry a hint of racism when it comes to Leslie Jones’ role.

Out of all the other white cast members, she is pinned as the one who is not the brains. Everyone else is well educated or a scientist of some sort yet Jones is portrayed as someone with a blue collar job even admitting to her own lack of intelligence. Seriously though, is she the only cast member who could portray the role of the non-science newcomer? Any one of these other actresses could take on that role.

They do address race in the trailer but it’s more for comedic relief. I personally think that this film falls into a typical form of profiling which not many seem to be addressing at the moment.

What do you think of this trailer? Was it an improvement?