Will Smith Margot Robbie Focus

Will Smith enters the world of heist films in the first trailer for “Focus.”

Will Smith has played a variety of roles since stardom but to my recollection, “Focus” is the first film where he plays a con man. Accompanied by Margot Robbie (“The Wolf of Wall Street”), Will Smith seems as though he could once again raise his star power after a short hiatus of box office blunders. Take a look at the trailer below!

The film looks intriguing for those that love the pace of heist films. Will Smith has usually been portrayed as a do-gooder, even though he may have a slight edge in some films, so this change of pace may be what he needs. Adding to the edginess of the film is Margot Robbie who exudes sexy and is on a steady rise. The combination of her and Will Smith in a more anti-hero type film should make for a great cinematic experience.

“Focus” is set for release in 2015.

What are your thoughts on the trailer?