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Cameron Crowe reveals his latest trailer for the film “Aloha” featuring a HUGE cast!

Today the trailer for “Aloha” was revealed and it has quite the cast attached. The cast list is so big that it would be more legible to list them than discuss them. So take a look at the cast list below and the trailer followed by that.

Cast List:

What makes me excited for “Aloha” is more the director/writer than the cast. Cameron Crowe is the king of feel good films. With a limited repertoire of films, he has a very high approval rating and tends to be an expert in capturing an emotional response from his audience. Films like “Jerry Maguire” and “Almost Famous” are films that can be considered timeless when it comes to invoking human emotion. With the cast and Cameron Crowe attached, I expect “Aloha” to be another feel good film this year.

What’s your favorite Cameron Crowe film?