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“Community” is coming back for a sixth season and People magazine has a first look!

We may have lost a few members and the show may have been cancelled, but it seems like Dan Harmon’s Community is the show that cannot die. Despite being cancelled, the show had such a strong fan following that Yahoo decided to pick up the show for a sixth season. While we’ve been hearing rumblings of what is to come, People Magazine provided some insight as to what to expect and revealed the first images for the upcoming sixth season on March 17.

Out of their interview, the most interesting reveal addressed the recent departure of Yvette Nicole Brown and the addition of Paget Brewster and Keith David.

It seems to be tradition that we lose a cast member and add a cast member every season now. [Laughs] Yvette obviously had a very good reason and we tell her all the time that we hope her dad is doing as well as he can. But [Criminal Minds’] Paget Brewster and [Enlisted’s] Keith David are outstanding. They are so good and so funny.

Community Poster

Poster for Community Season 6

Like many others, I thought that “Community” was extremely underrated and thoroughly enjoyed the show. Unfortunately many things have changed since then. Troy and Abed have broken up due to Donald Glover leaving the show, Chevy Chase (Pierce) was killed off, and now Yvette Nicole Brown (Shirley) has left as well which makes the show a shadow of what it once was. Despite these mishaps, I will still be watching and hopefully they will find some redemption in this upcoming season.

Will you be watching “Community” season 6 on March 17?