Christopher Walken

Check out the first look at of Christopher Walken as Captain Hook in NBC’s “Peter Pan Live.”


Executive Producer Neil Meron tweeted out a picture of Allison Williams as Peter Pan and Christopher Walken as Captain Hook.  Christopher Walken has now slipped from a 1979 Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in “Deer Hunter” to what you see in the picture below.  

Peter Pan Live!

Image Source: Entertainment Weekly

I have always been awaiting Christopher Walken to make a comeback into serious roles that could earn him a Best Actor Oscar, but it looks like he will remain content being an actor who has earned the right to just do whatever he damn well pleases.  His name is still big enough to have me tune into the special which airs on NBC on December 4th, but who knows how much longer this type of gimmick will work?

[Source: EW]