Firefly Returns -
[Source: i09]

It’s finally happened. All of the fans begging and pleading finally got through and “Firefly” is coming back…just not like you’d expect.

While the fans (myself included) may be extremely disappointed with the abrupt ending to such a eloquently written TV series, we have to accept the fact that “Firefly” is not coming back like we would want. Even with a follow up film (“Serenity”), the franchise never received the amount of success it deserved. With that in mind, the cult following refuses to let it die and because of that we’re now getting an online game in which all of the cast members will reprise their roles.

The online game was announced at San Diego Comic Con with around a minute of game footage. The game seems to be very immersive following the style of a typical online RPG (Role Playing Game). Take a look below.

Well we may never get our TV series but with this game we may be able to live in the “Firefly” adventure for ourselves. The game’s information is on but seems to be down at the moment. It may not be the TV show we wanted but at least it’s something. So my question is, who is going to join my team?