FadCast Ep. 69 | 2015 Film Movie Year End Recap

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FadCast Episode 69

Episode Summary:

Today the FadCast talks about the best and worst of the 2015 year when it comes to film. Before Pooya and Ryan get into their year-end analysis, they cover a few current events to close out the year. In current news we talk about Benedict Cumberbatch photos as Doctor Strange revealed, the controversy stirring as we get into our review of Concussion starring Will Smith, and we get to see another side of Wonder Woman with George Miller’s photos revealed of his version of the character.

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Episode Breakdown:

Pooya: You are listening to FilmFad.com’s FadCast episode 69.

Ryan: Our 2015 Year End Review Show!

Pooya: Today we’ll talk about our favorite Fads and Films of 2015 that popped our tops.

Ryan: And talk trash about our picks for the biggest 2k15 flops!

Pooya: You’ll hear all that and more so let’s get started!

(Intro Music break)

Speed Round (~6min)

2015 Year in Review (~29min)