FadCast Ep. 46 | How Aladdin Prequel Could Work & Ant-Man Flaws

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FadCast Episode 46

Episode Summary:

The discussion on this episode of the FadCast is about the upcoming Disney Aladdin prequel, Netflix’s upcoming price hike, and our overall take on Ant-Man! Steven Knauer from Additional Pylons podcast joins us to discuss these three topics in detail weighing his pros and cons for Marvel’s smallest superhero, discuss how Aladdin could work without Robin Williams, and whether or not he thinks the Netflix price hike is justified. We close the show with a “Movies with Game” quiz between Ryan and Steve!

Episode Breakdown:

POOYA: You are listening to FilmFad.Com’s FadCast Episode 46.
RYAN: With special guest, gamer in his seat and a Gambit in the sheets, Steven Knauer!
POOYA: Today we’ll talk Amy Schumer’s “Trainwreck” of a career, the genie being out of the bottle sans beer, and Netflix’s plans to hit customers in the rear.
RYAN: Then prepare to strain brains as Steven and I go head to head for Pooya’s “Movies with Game” quiz.
POOYA: You’ll hear all that and more, So let’s get started.

(Intro Music break)

Michael Jordan’s Haynes commercial rant! (~3min)

Netflix price hike justified? (~7min)

Aladdin Prequels “Genies” (~8min)

Does Ant-Man size up to the hype? (~7min)

“Movies with Game” quiz between Steve & Ryan (~6min)

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